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Budapest gives a lot of opportunities to spend your time properly. If this is not enough for you there are several other cities, which places are very close to the Hungarian Capital, such as Bratislava or Vienna.

Some advice how you plan your adventure in Budapest as the followings:

  • Don’t order a taxi, plan your tours before you arrive and save money and time together.

If you try to catch a taxi in the city, maybe you can be found yourself in big traffic and taxi clock will not stop at all. Budapest transfer services are given possibilities to get useful information about the city, they share their experiences with you if you contact them.

It is very useful if you ask professionals for help, which time is the best for different tours to places that you wish to visit.


  • If you make a plan during your Budapest holiday, you will not be surprised. There are several providers of Airport Transfer Budapest. How can you choose the best not to be a victim of cheaters? The Google Search offers the most popular Budapest Shuttles Services. You need to look around who provide ideal conditions for you.

Why’ s transfers are different from others?

Have you ever sat in dirty car with the smell of smoke? It is not typical experience that you wish in your life before. Firstly, everyone likes travelling in clean and safety car. Secondly, who wish to pay more for a transfer service which also good for you wallet.

We collect some bad stories that we heard from customers who chose other Budapest Airport Transfer before us!


Worst Budapest Transfer Service Stories that we have ever heard

our plain was in late, we landed 1 hour later than the normal in Budapest. Our shuttle provider was not available when we called, so the driver waited for us 30 minutes, then he left. After we landed on Liszt Ferenc Airport, there was nobody who waited for us, so we needed to catch a taxi which was so expensive to take us to the fifth district. Such a shame! We call the service provider the day after, they said sorry, but the driver was waiting for us more than 30 minutes and he had another guest who was waiting for him.

Michael H.


“I paid for the transfer 2 months before than the arrival date was. Unfortunately, my wife had an accident, so the tour was cancelled. I applied for the money and they never paid back for me.”


Martin G.


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